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AFA Issues Warning to Mango Exporters Amid Avocado Ban

AFA Issues Warning to Mango Exporters

The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) in Kenya has issued a warning to mango exporters for their involvement in mixing mangoes with avocados, following a recent ban on avocado exports, which was implemented to allow avocados to ripen properly.


AFA has raised concerns about reported collaboration between mango and avocado exporters, leading to the unauthorized blending of mango consignments with avocados for sea shipments, a violation of the Crops (Horticultural Crops) Regulations of 2020, Section 20(5).

AFA issues
Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) Director Willis Audi [Photo: Denis Onsongo/Nation Media Group]

To address this issue, AFA has introduced stringent measures for mango exporters, requiring them to submit online applications for comprehensive physical inspections of mango consignments before they are granted permission for shipment.

‘’In view of the above, all Mango exporters are therefore notified that with effect from Monday 13th November 2023, they are required to, apply for physical inspection of Mango consignments,” stated AFA.

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The applications must include specific details about the location of the designated pack house, streamlining the inspection process. The purpose of the inspection process is to ensure that the consignments being shipped exclusively consist of mango fruits. Non-compliance with these new directives may result in the revocation of export licenses.

The European Union (EU) had earlier this year approved the importation of temperature-treated mango fruits from Kenya, marking a significant milestone in the agricultural sector. The approval specifically endorsed vapor heat treatment (VHT) for fresh mango fruit, as officially documented in June 2023.

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VHT is a vital method involving the use of humidified, heated air to effectively eliminate insect eggs and larvae as a necessary precaution before these fruits reach the market.


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