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Hockey: Nottingham Panthers Stand with Matt Petgrave after Adam Johnson Tragedy

Adam Johnson tragically died during the Nottingham Panthers’ clash with the Sheffield Steelers on Saturday and his team-mates have now opened up on the incident.


One of Adam Johnson’s team-mates has emphasized that the entire Nottingham panthers stand behind Matt Petgrave.

Petgrave caused the fatal injury when his skate accidentally slashed Johnson’s throat during a game.

South Yorkshire Police are conducting am investigation into the incident, but Petgrsve has unfortunately received backlash even though both clubs have described the incident as a “freak accident.”

Johnson’s teammate, Westin Michaud strongly maintains that Petgrave should not be blamed.

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He firmly believes that Petgrave’s actions were purely “unintentional,” and any any suggestions otherwise are misguided.

“I need to address something about the accident. We wholeheartedly stand with Matt Petgrave. The hate that Matt is receiving is terrible and completely uncalled for. I was at ice level on the bench closest to the accident, I saw both players moving fast,” Michaud tweeted.

Victor Bjorkung, another grieving teammate, said, “It’s so insane that people think it’s deliberate. Check the video, then you will see it is an accident. Two skates collide right before, it happens so damn fast.

Adam Johnson’s aunt has expressed that the family is prepared to accept the investigation’s findings.

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South Yorkshire Police officers have examined video footage and interviewed witnesses but insist the investigation may take some time to complete.


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