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Grade 6 Boy Vanishes from Home Promising Never to Return

Family In Search Of Missing Grade 6 Boy Who Vowed To ‘Never Come Back Again’

A Grade six boy from in Baringo Valley, Nakuru County, went missing under mysterious circumstances last Saturday, leaving his family in a state of distress.


James Gikonyo and Susan Wangoi, the parents of the missing boy, revealed that the child was in the company of his sisters who were engaged in cutting grass when the incident occurred.

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According to the parents, the minor had allegedly made a vow to vanish and never return. While his sisters were occupied with their task, the boy ventured a short distance to collect milk jerricans but failed to make his way back to the family. Despite waiting anxiously, there was no sign of his return.

Described as a generally quiet individual by his parents, the disappearance has left the family and the community deeply concerned. Local residents, led by village elders, have reported the matter to the police station.

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An appeal has been made to anyone with information regarding the missing boy to contact local authorities, including chiefs, village elders, or the nearest police station.

The family has reached out to all relatives to check if the boy sought refuge in their homes, but all efforts have been in vain so far. The community remains on high alert, hoping for the safe return of the young boy.


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