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China Expands Visa-Free Travel to Boost Business and Tourism

China expands Visa

In a bid to bolster business confidence and foster people-to-people exchanges, China is embarking on a trial of visa-free travel for citizens from six countries. This groundbreaking initiative includes France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia, allowing ordinary passport holders from these nations to conduct business or travel in China for up to 15 days without the need for a visa.


Chinese officials assert that this move is geared towards promoting the country’s high-quality development and opening up to the world. Following the announcement, Germany’s ambassador to China, Patricia Flohr, expressed on social media that the decision would significantly ease travel to China for many German citizens. This development marks a substantial relaxation of China’s inbound tourism policies.

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Moreover, China is extending its 72 or 144-hour transit visa-free policy to 54 countries, aiming to simplify the visa application process for foreigners who wish to visit the country. The overarching goal is to attract more international visitors, thereby positively impacting immigration patterns. Visa-free arrangements are anticipated to play a pivotal role in promoting inbound travel to China.

While the current involvement in inbound travel may be limited, there are plans to expand business in this area as the market continues to open up. With ongoing improvements in tourism resources, a surge in inbound tourists is expected. Malaysia is reciprocating by granting 30-day visa-free travel for Chinese citizens, starting from December 1st.

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As the festive season approaches, travel agencies are eagerly anticipating a busy season ahead. The evolving landscape of visa policies and the commitment to simplifying travel procedures signify a concerted effort by China to position itself as an attractive destination for international visitors.


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