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Chef Maliha Surpasses Cooking World Record by 21 Hours

The culinary world is abuzz with the sizzling exploits of Kenyan self-taught extraordinaire, Chef Maliha Mohammed. The chef steams ahead in her pursuit of the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual. Maliha has stood her ground in the kitchen, clocking a staggering 140+ hours over a six-day kitchen marathon.


This record-breaking spectacle kicked off on November 15, with Maliha eyeing the GWR previously held by Alan Fisher from Ireland. Fisher cooked nonstop for 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds in Japan. Undeterred by the heat of the challenge, Maliha has already left the previous record gasping for breath. She surpassed it by a remarkable 21 hours and still firing on all cylinders.

Chef Maliha Surpasses Cooking World Record by 21 Hours.
Chef Maliha Surpasses Cooking World Record by 21 Hours. Photo| Courtesy

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However, this feat hasn’t been without its nail-biting moments. Chef Maliha experienced a health scare during the cookathon, momentarily fainting and requiring attention from emergency teams. Yet, true to her resilient spirit, she bounced back.

Throughout her marathon, Maliha garnered support from a star-studded cast of Kenyan entertainment personalities. These included Bien-Aime Baraza, Crazy Kenner, Butita, and Flaqo

Her base of operations at the Proto Energy Limited Headquarters along Thika Road turned into a festive hub. It drew fans and supporters who cheered her on, savored her meals, danced, and shared their enthusiasm across the internet.

This isn’t Chef Maliha’s first culinary rodeo. In August, she made headlines by completing an impressive home kitchen cooking marathon. It lasted a remarkable 90 hours and 15 minutes, surpassing the previous record held by Rickey Lumpkin II from Los Angeles, California. However, despite these culinary triumphs, official recognition from Guinness World Records remains pending.

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Nonetheless, undeterred by setbacks, Maliha remains resolute in her pursuit of greatness. Her steadfast commitment to her culinary passion continues to shine through. This is why the campaign to name a road after her is being pushed further.

“It will not be just a road with a name on it. It’s a symbol of what we can achieve when we honour talent and dedication beyond politics. Our younger generations need to see that they don’t have to walk the path of politicians to be celebrated this way.”

David Wang’oma

David Wang’oma is a digital influencer and a student at the University of Nairobi. According to him, Kenyans should honor the Kenyans putting the country on the international map through Guinness World Records. David remembers watching Chef Maliha on Jeff Koinange Live back in 2019. The chef had just broken a record by cooking 400 recipes for 75 hours nonstop.


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