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500 Open AI Employees Threaten to Quit Over CEO’s Firing

More than 500 employees of tech giant Open AI are threatening to quit after Sam Altman’s ouster by the company’s board.


This follows a turbulent weekend that started with CEO Sam Altman’s abrupt resignation and concluded with Altman accepting a job offer from Microsoft. According to a report by CNN, The OpenAI board was accused by the more than 500 workers of mishandling Altman’s termination, “negotiating in bad faith” with the company’s top leadership, and not presenting enough proof to support allegations that Altman had not been truthful with the board.

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In a letter addressed to the company’s board,  the staff members threatened to “imminently” follow Altman to Microsoft in the event that the board failed to step down and restore both Altman and Greg Brockman, the previous president of OpenAI who was also fired by the board on Friday.

Open AI
OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Photo: COURTESY

Ilya Sutskever, Open AI, apologized on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday as word of the letter spread, admitting his part in the leadership crisis that seemed to stem from disagreements between Altman and the board over the rate and direction of AI research.

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Altman reinforced Sutskever’s apologies after he submitted his message to X by posting a quote on it. He added three heart emojis to his brief comments.


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