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It’s all systems go for openAI’s latest invention- ChatGPT4


Open AI has announced its latest addition to the ChatGPT family, GPT 4 which they consider its most advanced system, modified for a deeper learning experience.


Announcing on Tuesday 14, Open AI said that this new AI technology is a large multimodal model that can accept text as well as image inputs. According to Open AI, they subjected the new model to a series of tests and it passed the simulated bar exam with a result in the 90th percentile.

GPT 4 is what is now considered the future of AI.

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What is GPT 4?

GPT 4 is an AI model that can solve problems with greater accuracy, all thanks to its broader knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. With GPT 4 you are looking at a heightened creativity and collaboration scale, with abilities to generate, edit, and recap with its users on creative and technical tasks.

These range from song composition, screenplay writing, or simply learning a user’s writing techniques. This model was designed for a deeper learning experience.

File/Courtesy: GPT 4, the latest AI model by Open AI

The AI firm spent 6 months making GPT 4 safer and more aligned. During its making, GPT 4 has been incorporated by some of the top brands in increasing customer experience and building innovative products. Some of these brands that have jumped aboard the GPT ship include; Duolingo- the language learning app, and Be My Eyes, and Stripe, among others.

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Even though GPT 4 is the most advanced system done by Open AI as compared to their previous models- GPT, GPT 2, and GPT3- it still has its limitations. Some of these include social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts, (this deals with deceptive data).

Where to find it?

GPT 4 is currently accessible on ChatGPT plus and as an API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to build both applications and services.


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