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5 Benefits of Clubs in Campus

One of the primary reasons for going to campus is the opportunity to acquire the advanced knowledge and skills that allow graduates to pursue a career in a professional field.

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However, campus is also a time for forging new friendships, exploring new interests and enjoying personal growth. For these reasons and others, it is also important to consider joining clubs while in college.

Some of the benefits of joining clubs while in campus includes:

Can help you to make new friends

For many students, going to campus is the first time they are away from home for an extended period. You will see hundreds of new faces every day as you go about your daily routine on campus, yet it can be difficult to take the time to get to know new people.

By joining a club in campus, you will have more opportunities to connect with your peers on a deeper level. You may get the chance to build new friendships that could potentially last beyond college.

Can help build your social support network

Some students find it difficult to be away from home, and it can often be challenging to negotiate life as an adult.

The truth is that everyone can benefit from having a strong social support network comprised of people you can rely on to offer guidance, advice or simply a shoulder to lean on.

Joining a club can enable you to begin building that social support network at college.

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Can help improve your interpersonal and communication skills

Your academic studies will enable you to prepare for your future career. However, learning goes beyond the classroom, and there are many soft skills you can learn in a club that potential employers will value. Among these soft skills are interpersonal and communication skills.

When you join a student organization on campus, there is a good chance you will interact with a diverse range of people. You will be able to connect with others from various backgrounds and with varying worldviews.

This may help you improve your interpersonal skills and communication abilities. Participating in school clubs can also enable you to build your teamwork and collaboration skills.

Can help expand your professional networking opportunities

You do not need to be a professional to begin building a professional network. In fact, you can and should start networking right away starting in your first year in college or earlier. However, if you are already a junior or even a senior, it is not too late to start.

When you join a student club, you will meet people who could potentially introduce you to future employers or who might even be your future entrepreneurial partner.

This is particularly true if the student club you join relates to your academic field and professional interests. For instance, you might join a club for nursing students or for those who are interested in becoming professional video game designers that can help you launch your networking skills.

May help lower your stress levels

College is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful. You are likely to spend a great deal of time reading, studying and writing papers in addition to attending classes. Some students find it stressful to try to meet all of their academic obligations.

High stress levels and chronic stress are not healthy. In fact, chronic stress can place you at a higher risk of anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, sleep disturbances and a slew of other poor health outcomes.

If you are feeling stressed out, there are a number of things you could try, such as deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness. However, relief could also be as simple as joining school clubs and connecting with other people.

One study found that pre-med students who participated in extracurricular activities, particularly those involving music, were less likely to suffer from stress-related burnout.

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