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Reasons Why Drug Consumption in Campus is Increasing

Over the years substance abuse in colleges has increased dramatically. Drug abuse among campus students has become a common occurrence. Alcohol and drug substances are popular and dangerous elements of campus life.


There are a number of reasons why campus students decide to use substances. Whether it be in a party setting or an academic or athletic reason, drug abuse in college students continues to be a big problem on campuses around the country.

Some of the reasons why students consume drugs include:

Academic stress

In some cases, the academic load and pressure of college can take a toll on new students. Drugs like Adderall and other study aids are commonly abused to increase concentration and boost focus.

Additionally, a side effect of study drugs is insomnia, and those that are prescribed this medication are advised to take it in the morning in order to avoid sleepless nights.

However, students use these types of drugs when pulling an all-nighter before an exam.

Many students do not feel guilty taking stimulants due to the beliefs that these drugs will help them perform better with school, that stimulants are not harmful like other drugs, and that these drugs aren’t illegal since they are prescription medication.

Due to the fact that these drugs do not have the same stigma as illegal drugs, they are seen as more acceptable on college campuses than other drugs

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Peer pressure and experimentation

College culture presents a new environment to many new freshmen, as many are living on their own for the first time and are possibly exposed to drugs more often than they would have been before.

They may be curious about the new options that are available to them, and this curiosity often leads to trying and experimenting with drugs.

This curiosity is compounded with the sudden access to alcohol and drugs that are readily provided at college gatherings. There may even be social pressure to use and experiment with drugs, making new students more likely to participate in order to fit in.

Often the drugs will help them feel more confident and have a different perception of how others view them


For some people, the college experience can be overwhelming. Drugs are sometimes abused to calm these nerves and handle the pressure of a new place.

Continuous drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a number of mental health challenges and emotional problems, which can lead to suicide. 

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