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Uganda: Quality and Innovation Fuel Growth in the Coffee Industry


The coffee industry in Uganda is currently witnessing substantial growth, driven by a dual focus on quality and innovation. The meticulous process of coffee production, from the field to the drying beds, has elevated Uganda’s reputation for high-quality coffee.


In the 12 months leading up to September 6, Uganda exported an impressive 14 million bags of coffee. This volume reflects a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

The growth is not only in quantity but also in value, with a 7% boost in coffee exports, totaling US dollars 940 million (Ksh141 billion), up from US dollars 877 million (Ksh131.9 billion) in the previous year. The primary markets for Ugandan coffee are European and North African regions, where it’s steadily gaining recognition.

Central to this success is the strategy of adding value to coffee products. The robust coffee variety, in particular, has found favor in the export market. Producers are focusing on enhancing the value of their offerings to meet the growing global demand for coffee. Companies like Abasi Coffee are leading this charge.

Abasi Coffee, for example, takes coffee beans and transforms them through roasting and packaging at its factory. This not only improves the quality of the product but also allows Ugandan coffee to command higher prices in international markets, increasing revenue for producers and the country.

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A crucial aspect of this growth strategy is the exploration of new markets. Asia, especially China, is emerging as a promising opportunity. China’s substantial market size and increasing interest in coffee make it an attractive prospect for Ugandan coffee producers aiming to expand their reach.

Behind this success are significant investments in the coffee sector. Historically, African countries, including Uganda, primarily exported raw green coffee beans. However, there’s a growing need to work together and foster public-private partnerships to add more value to this valuable commodity. Coffee exporters are actively heeding this call.

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Additionally, innovation in coffee production methods is propelling the industry forward. New, high-yielding robust coffee plants, coupled with favorable weather conditions, are expected to lead to increased coffee production and a broader range of Ugandan coffee varieties in the coming months.


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