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Stivo Simple Boy: “Mimi ni Msanii Mzito, Serikali Inipee Kazi”

Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stivo Simple Boy, called out the government for not recognizing his talent. In an interview with Chipukeezy, the musician acknowledged that he is a “heavyweight” in the music industry and urged the government to give him gigs. After all, Kenyans cannot deny that he killed it during the Kenya Vs Tanzania rap battle.


The Chairman of the Cute Boys Association went ahead to take his fans through his music catalog. Stivo Simple Boy’s music journey has been nothing short of promising. The young lad has collaborated with high and mighty figures including Mejja, Vivian, Adasa, Exray, and Josh Wonder to mention a few. It did not come as a surprise when Nviiri showed interest in working on a song with Stivo.

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Stivo Simple Boy, Kenyan artist and entrepreneur.
Stivo Simple Boy, Kenyan artist and entrepreneur. Photo| Courtesy

Stivo Simple Boy expressed his interest in working on a project with the government. A dream that may soon come true, especially after the launch of his very much anticipated drink “Freshi Barida.” The Mihadarati hitmaker has been nothing else but ecstatic since he began working on his “drink line.” Launching a “chaser” or soft drink emphasizes his dedication to urging youths against drugs and substance abuse.


Stivo Simple Boy Charges Ksh 200 for First Concert After Parting Ways with Management

Stivo Simple Boy “Freshi Barida” After Relocating To Bigger House

“Freshi Barida” is a phrase that has earned Stivo recognition, fame, and money in equal measure. The phrase has since birthed a song, a club-banger remix featuring South Africa’s hitmaker Ntosh Gazi, and a drink. Despite his hard work and dedication, which is depicted through his music catalog, netizens cannot help but wonder why Stivo is not bigger.

Freshi barida, a soft drink owned by Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy. Photo| Courtesy

A while back, Simple Boy organized a concert to which he charged Ksh.200 for a ticket. The move came after Stivo had had an ugly fallout with his management over numerous allegations. As a section of his fans congratulated him for getting back on his feet, some felt as if he downplayed his worth by charging tickets at what they termed a “throwaway price.”

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After gaining control over his public, private, and professional life, Stivo Simple Boy has released tunes worthy of national listening. Makasisi, Utamu, Inabamba, and Kesho are amongst Stivo’s new releases that are gradually pushing him to the top charts of the Kenyan music industry.

Besides, Kenyans are beginning to take note of his consistency, improvement, dedication, and change. Therefore, it should not take long for someone in Ruto’s government to take note of him and help him fulfill the desires of his heart.


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