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Reasons Why this World is Not for Good People

The world is meant for good people, however, the problem is that good people give up easily and bad people never give in, thus making it look like the bad people get what they want.

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However, nobody said being good was going to be easy. Therefore, whether you are good or bad, you have to work hard and fight for what you want. The difference is that you earn it in the right way, without cheating or hurting innocent people.

Additionally, sometimes one has to know that being good means that there will be bad people on earth, thus all you have to do is face the reality and do your part.

Some of the reasons why this world is not for good people include:

Life is unfair

This happens especially during employment. In this time of the world, most people get employed due connections, and not because of their qualifications.

The world is unfair for most people who are good and follow the legal ways.

One example is when people take advantage of those who are good and use them for their own benefits.

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Additionally, there are certain jobs where most people who may have good values such as honesty and integrity may not get the job.


Life is hard

This world does not care whether you are good or bad. Therefore, whether you are good or bad, you will still face the wrath of the world.

Further, the hard realities of the world come hand in hand with suffering.

Psychologist Jay Watts writes that the great “why” of suffering is not so much due to who is good and bad, but what position in society people fall under.

Watts, in “Is mental illness is real?” explains that “Poverty, relative inequality, being subject to racism, sexism, displacement and a competitive culture all increase the likelihood of mental suffering,” she says.

So suffering is not really a question of morality but of privilege. Some people (not all) can escape harsher degrees suffering if they are protected in some way from sexism, racism, and classism.

There is no care

These days most people only care about themselves. Especially when money is involved, people do not want to know whether, the other individual has something to eat or drink.

This lack of care has become so unfair to the good people, as they may follow their values and end up getting nothing.

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