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Reasons Why Influencers Need to have a Media Background

Students who take media studies courses or declare a media studies major analyze how the industries, practices, and content of mass media which include radio, TV, film, newspapers, magazines, books, popular music, digital gaming, the internet and social media, shape our perspectives of the world around us.


Having a media background helps an individual to learn the importance of communication, how to communicate depending on different audiences and also why communication needs channels.

According to the field’s defenders, students who take media studies courses are not just watching movies or playing around on Instagram rather, they are learning “the how and the why of communication” and its far-reaching effects on our cultures, communities, and democracies. And those lessons are anything but trivial.

Therefore, because influencers engage more with the media space it more beneficial for them to study the course.

This will enable them to learn more on how to stay consistent in their content and also try other things in the media world. This as they have a bigger audience.

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Some of the reasons why influencers need to have a media background include:

To learn the ethics

Media ethics is a must when studying a media course. In the course one learns more on the legal actions to take after being defamed.

For influencers, most of them get slandered in public and may not know what to do. However, in Kenya, there has been examples of influencers applying legal actions after being defamed.

One example is Azziad when she sued after he defamed her Brain Chira.

The TikTok star is also a student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, where she is pursuing a course in Mass Media. This is an example of the importance of having a media background.

This because an influencer will be able to understand how to go about different issues.

To learn the discipline

Media studies is interdisciplinary, meaning it explores more than one branch of knowledge.

This as the course enables one to learn more about the corporate and governmental structures of how mass media operates.

Additionally, having discipline in the media world also creates consistency and thus enables one to grow their audience.

In Kenya, some influencers have shown the benefit of studying media and employing the skill of discipline.

One example is Content Creator and Film maker Abel Mutua.

The Content Creator studied at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, where he pursued a degree in Film Production and majored in Camera Works. 

In a YouTube video, Abel noted that discipline is what has helped him and his friends to grow.

This is proof because his YouTube career journey has grown immensely with over 500 thousand followers.

Additionally, his Film making company that he owns together with his friend Phillip Karanja ”Philit Productions” has also grown.

This is proof of why influencers need to have a media background. If one is interested in studying media, look no further, Switch Media has a school that offers a Diploma in Diploma in Digital Media and Communication program.

To learn more, visit their website at

The course will equip you with both the ethical and discipline skills, while teaching how and where to take legal actions.

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