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Mulamwah Weds His Best Friend Ruth K

It has been wedding and anniversary season for many couples like Terrence Creative and his wife this October. Adding to the list of couples celebrating a relationship milestone is Mulamwah and his ‘bestie’ Ruth K.


David Oyando popularly referred to as Mulamwah this weekend tied the knot to his ‘bestie’ Ruth K. Taking the internet by surprise, the two had a lavish traditional wedding attended by friends and family.

Mulamwah introduced Ruth K as his ‘bestie’ and they were seen together in social functions and social media creating content together. Never once raising suspicion about the two being a couple but rather friends.

(PHOTO/COURTESY) Mulamwah and Ruth.

Their traditional wedding proves that what might have started as a friendship has blossomed into a beautiful marriage. The couple had a red and gold traditional wedding and according to the posts, had a banner with both their names welcoming guests.

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The two have not yet changed the ‘bestie’ narrative with Mulamwah still calling Ruth his ‘bestie’. The hesitance to make any changes and confirm their couple’s status has added more intrigue to their relationship.

Their relationship dynamic is further puzzled by Mulamwah’s former relationship with Carol Muthoni, with whom they share a daughter. The former couple had a bitter break-up that left Mulamwah cyberbullied.

A few weeks ago, Mulamwah hinted that Ruth was pregnant. He shared that Ruth had been vomiting a lot of late and that made him think she was expectant. This has also added to their complex relationship of them probably starting a family together.

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