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Magix Enga Seeks Assistance From President Ruto

Magix Enga is making headlines yet again but not for his music or beats. Magix Enga is known for his skillful beats and hit song collaborations with major Kenyan artists. This time however he is seeking help.


The renowned Kenyan producer took to his Instagram page to share with his followers about his life lately. According to his post, the producer has been going through a difficult time financially and is seeking help.


In fact, Magix Enga is seeking out help from the President. Stating that he is not the only person in the Kenyan music industry who needs help. President Ruto should not only support him but his colleagues.

“Currently, I don’t have a job. Our President Dr William Sameoi Ruto, I can urge you to please help me in whatever support. You can start in the music industry with my colleague.”

Magix Enga has been part of the creative team of many hit Kenyan songs. They include: Dundaing by King Kaka, Wainame by Sailors, Sijaskia vibaya by Fena Gitu, WakaWaka by Arrow Bwoy, Kenyan Girl by Otile Brown among many others.

According to Magic Enga, despite the songs having received major success, he has yet to benefit from any of them. Claiming that some of the artists he collaborated with took advantage of him and his talent.

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The producer claims that most of his genge tone collaborations have gained immense recognition and popularity but he has not benefited from them as he should despite their successes. Additionally, he has not been compensated fairly.

Magix Enga

He gives examples of songs like Mamiondoko and Digidigi, two of the most popular gengetone songs. He however says that it has not brought him the rewards that he expected living in a difficult situation financially.

“Some of the artists that I did collabo with them took advantage of me. Most of the songs that I produced i.e. (dundaing, watato na Pombe Otile Brown featuring Magix Enga and Maja, mapenzi hisia) and many others which I’m not benefiting from them.”

Magix Enga shares that he now has a one-month-old child depending on him. He adds that embracing fatherhood has added pressure to him since his sin depends on him for his support making it urgent for him to seek help.

The talented producer reveals that his studio was shut down due to unpaid rent and was not able to make money through his music production, which would have helped him sustain his newborn son.

“Right now I’m writing this, I have a 1-month baby boy who’s depending on me. I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working was shut down because of rent issues.”

Months before this revelation, he shared that he had been in rehab for three months because he had a drug addiction. He explained that he turned to drugs due to the pressure that comes with the music industry. He however maintains his beliefs on being the best producer in the industry.

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