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Liverpool vs Tottenham: Jurgen Klopp Calls For a Replay After VAR Error

Jurgen Klopp is advocating for the replay of Liverpool vs Spurs Premier League match after VAR’s failure to award Luis Diaz’s goal, which was disallowed for offside.


Despite receiving widespread praise for his composed reaction to the chaos at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday, the Liverpool manager firmly insists that a replay would be the best resolution.

“I can say immediately and probably some people don’t want me to say it, not as the manager of Liverpool but much more as a football person, I think the only outcome should be a replay. That’s how it is.

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Klopp’s appeal for a replay adds further pressure to the PGMOL(Professional Game Match Officials Limited) during its investigation into the controversy and presents a fresh challenge for the Premier League.

While Klopp acknowledges that other clubs may also seek match replays due to VAR errors, he emphasizes that the unique circumstances surrounding the disallowance of Díaz’s goal warranted special attention.

“It is really unprecedented that part of the refereeing team gave the goal and said ‘goal’. That is really rare and yet it doesn’t show up on the screen or on the scoresheet and we continued with a free-kick, he said.

Liverpool’s complaints promoted the publication of the audio between officials.

It revealed the first person to spot the mistake was the replay operator, who urged the team officials to stop the game.

However, the VAR and assistant VAR repeatedly said they could not intervene because play had restarted.

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The English referees’ governing body recently acknowledged a “significant human error”

“As stated after the full-time whistle on Saturday evening, we acknowledged in a statement that a significant human error had occurred during the aforementioned match.”


Liverpool’s general counsel and director of football administration, Jonathan Bamber, is exploring what options are available to the club.

According to Sky Sports News, the Premier League still maintains its position that a replay is not under consideration.


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