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Know More About Mr Rhymer, Rwandese Man After Sidika’s Heart

Queen Vee just flew back from what she termed a successful American tour and Mr Rhymer must be sweating from anxiety. Remember the man who blew the internet a fortnight ago after penning his feelings for Vera Sidika on a placard for everyone to see? Well, Switch Media had an exclusive with the talented rhymer and there appears to be more to this man than just confessing feelings.


Gratien Uwayezu, who refused to reveal his age is the perfect picture of hope. The man revealed that he was anxiously awaiting Vera’s return and hoped that the socialite would keep her word. According to Mr Rhymer, it will probably cost Vera Sidika nothing to take him out on a date. He looks forward to discussing several business opportunities with Vera.

Gratien Uwayezu, Mr Rhymer.
Gratien Uwayezu, Mr Rhymer. Photo| Courtesy

When asked why he went after Vera, Gratien candidly said that his pocket cannot date a beggar’s daughter but his brains can marry a princess. He also added that Rwanda has many beautiful women but Vera (both as a brand and person) is bigger than all of them. However, Mr Rhymer’s biggest motivation was and still is to gain Kenyan fame so that he could convert it into Rwandan fame.

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The talented rhymer confessed that Kenya’s entertainment industry is bigger than Rwanda’s hence his move to establish his art in Kenya. Gratien not only believes that Kenyan fame will grant him respect but also believes that it will get him numbers. He admitted that, so far, it has been difficult for him to prove his worth to the world as it is hard to convince people without numbers.

“I am trying to transmute my creativity into its popularity reality.”

Mr Rhymer

This can cherish Vera from fingertips to the marrow.

♬ original sound – Mr. Rhymer

Mr Rhymer shared that rhyming is an art that he has been doing for over 15 years now. Starting out in 2006, he believed himself to be a terrific songwriter. However, he was hit by a harsh reality after stepping into a music studio only to realize he could not sing out his words. It is from then that he decided to call his art poems and not songs.

Being as good as he is, Gratien boldly stated that English is a language he excels at naturally. As a matter of fact, he recalled it being the only subject he’d study incessantly, adding that he put all his energy into mastering the language so that he would be able to write. Consequently, it is the mastery of English that gives Gratien the courage to say that he is the best rhymer in the world.

Know More About Mr Rhymer, Rwandese Man After Sidika's Heart.
Know More About Mr Rhymer, Rwandese Man After Sidika’s Heart. Photo| Courtesy

According to Mr Rhymer, nobody can rhyme the way he does. Because as far as he has noted, no one has ever rhymed more than four stanzas. Gratien describes his work as unique and believes that it is enough to set him apart if only people embraced his art more. Nonetheless, he is grateful for the reception he has received in Kenya. He added that he is treated the way he should be treated and he likes it.

Last year, the poet had a chance to perform at the Churchill Show and he is hoping to get more opportunities to showcase his talent. Apart from rhyming, the rhymer revealed that he’s also a songwriter, however, none of them are earning him any income. Despite having created commercials for Safaricom, Coca-Cola, and other international brands, he said that he has not gotten the desired recognition for his talent.


“Simple, Transparency and Honest” portrays Integrity.@Safaricom PLC

♬ original sound – Mr. Rhymer

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Regardless, Gratien hopes to get the visibility he so much yearns for. As a result, he is looking to get more platforms to increase his chances and opportunities. However, the man noted that opportunities in Kenya only appear to favor those who have already “made it.” As a result, the rhymer is looking to grow his YouTube and TikTok presence. He is hopeful that with enough effort and consistency, he shall get to his promised land.

“I do boast of creativity and ability. But obsurity is a stumbling block, since there is scarcity of opportunity in the vicinity.”

Mr Rhymer

Nonetheless, Kenyans applauded Mr Rhymer for his boldness and creativity in wooing Vera Sidika. It now remains upon Vera to be the knight in shining armor for Mr. Gratien Uwayezu and make his dreams a reality.


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