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Bolt Suspends Driver who Showed Genitals to Client

Bolt has claimed that they have suspended the driver who was seen exposing his private parts while driving a female client in a contraversial viral video.


The driver unzipped his pants when the lady immediately ordered him to stop the car and drop them off.

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The lady asked the driver “Why are you undressing? Drop me there” then todl her friend who was sitting in the backseat saying “Sally! Alight this man is naked.” She then ordered the driver “Drop me.”

The distasteful video first surfaced on tiktok which was then later posted on X, formerly Twitter, by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, prompted Bolt to respond.

Bolt said that appropriate action has been taken on the driver and he has been banned from providing any services on their platform.

“We are also actively engaging with the affected rider, and once again take this opportunity to express our sincere concern and empathy over this unfortunate incident,” said Bolt.

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They asserted that they value the safety of their customers and will never tolerate such behaviour from their drivers. 


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