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Bolt: Kenyans Call Out Cab Service Over Passenger Safety

The Bolt App has been on the spot for negligence and failing to ensure the safety of its passengers for a long time. Passengers have complained that the cab service does not respond to their concerns.


Barely a week after a popular influencer complained that she was nearly abducted by a Bolt cab driver, Kenyans have come out in solidarity to caution other users to steer clear of the cab service.

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This morning, Bolt released a statement through their social media platforms, condemning ‘violent acts and aggression’ by their drivers and referring to a case of two young girls who were reportedly abducted.

Following the release of the statement, Kenyans have come out to narrate their own experiences using The Bolt App saying that they have encountered rogue drivers. The complaints from users range from rogue drivers to a lack of immediate response on cases from the Bolt App Management. They have accused Bolt of not caring about their passengers by deleting the accounts of genuine drivers.

Apart from the cab services from Bolt being cheap, users say there are fewer benefits to using the cab service.

When I last used bolt in 2018, safety was still an issue. 5 years later, the complaints are the same, nothing has changed. You just don’t care.

@wanjiruivy on Twitter

A bolt driver cancelled my ride immediately I entered the car without my knowledge and doubled the fare when I got home. Upon protesting, he locked the doors and started speeding back to Thika Road; threatening to kill me if I didn’t pay up. That was at midnight. I had to call my workplace’s security. When he heard the call, he forced me to alight in the middle of Forest Road. Riding @boltapp in Kenya is an act of self-harm. Check on your friends who do and give them all the help they need.

@njorogetm on Twitter

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The cab service has not responded to the allegations by their users despite a massive campaign online urging users to delete their app and switch to Uber. ‘Cheap is expensive,’ users say.


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