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Before Trash Talking my Degree, Get Yourself One First!


This habit of dismissing degree holders just because you think they are not necessary for the job market should stop, with immediate effect.


Have you ever encountered those people who are always bad-mouthing those in university? They are usually like “ata sio lazima upate degree, siku hizi watu hawazihitaji.” Mind you, they always say this with a proud flip of the shoulder as though they have said something so nice.

we should be appreciative of people who graduate from campus

Okay, fine. I know that in this Kenya we live in, we mostly depend on connections to make it. If you need that government job, just make sure Nani puts in a good word for you. You may go into an office today, with a fat envelope in your hand that contains all of your academic achievements.

Sometimes we go to the extent of putting in certificates of co-curricular activities. (On May 16, 2019, I was able to attend the matter heart run). The sad part is, even with all those qualifications, someone else whose name was mentioned earlier will get that job and you, James, will have to go back home with your envelope and a series of questions in your head as to why you did not get it.

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It is that tough. However, getting that degree is important. Those people who chastise you for staying on campus for too long over a ‘useless’ degree will never understand the blood, sweat, and tears you have had to shed just to get that paper. They will never know that you had to make sacrifices to be in class even at ungodly hours when they were out partying and having the time of their lives.

They will never understand how campus life comes with its fair share of being broke to an extent where meals are like rumours, you only hear of them, and you can’t see them. It is at this point where you call your parents and tell them you are broke and they will say they too, are broke. So what to do? Absolutely nothing! They will never understand how draining CATS, RATS, exams, and projects are. Let us not even get into the relationship dramas on campus. It makes you want to scream at the world.

The hustle of campus exams

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No. they will never understand any of it. Therefore, it is essential that we give credit where it is due. We should be appreciative of graduates because these people are like stone. They have been strong enough to finish when so many wanted out. And if you have a degree, refrain from looking down on those without.

So ultimately, before you, trash talk my degree, get yourself one first.

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