Things that make us Proudly Kenyan

proud Kenyan Timothy Cheruiyot

Being Kenyan is as great as it is interesting. There are things that we do that I’m pretty sure are not done in any other country.


Here are some things people do that could easily pass them off as Kenyans.

Proudly Kenyan
things that make us proudly Kenyan
  • Blackout situations.

In that scenario where the lights in your house go off, it is an absolute law that you confirm whether the neighbor’s pia akona lights. There is something about doing this that makes us medieval but we don’t care. If it is a blackout, it must be a blackout everywhere.

  • One word for many.

In this kanairo, we do not like the stress of having to identify everything for its actual name. hence the one word for many. We call every detergent there Omo, every toothpaste Colgate, and every spaghetti Santa Lucia. We do not know how we do it but we just do.

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  • Bargaining

Kenyans have a habit of bargaining for almost anything under the sun. Be it clothes, shoes, salon and barber fees, or even cab fare. You can imagine boarding a Matatu and the conductor tells you the price is Ksh 50. A Kenyan will literally bargain until they get to pay Ksh 30.

  • Social Media wars.

Kenyans on Twitter, (KOT), this is your area of specialization. Kenyans will literally take every chance they get to troll you online because apparently there is freedom of expression. Remember the war of words between Kenya and Uganda on twitter? Yeah. Guess who started it and guess who won?

  • Watu wa mtura.
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Mtura is one of the best roadside delicacies this country has. God bless the inventor. If you have never had a taste of this are you even Kenyan? It has become a staple for kanairo men and women especially when they get off work. It is like comfort food for us, with a side of smokies, mayai, smocha, (smokie and chapo), mtucha (mtura and chapo), and many more.

Mutura; Kenya’s staple
  • Safaricom sim 1, others sim 2

Check every Kenyan’s phone. They have Safaricom as their sim 1. It is the main Simcard where they get calls and use them for Mpesa transfers. Once that is out of the way, sim 2 could literally be any other service provider. Airtel, Telcom, you name it. Now this one is for bundles and credit for the most part because we Kenyans are economizers like that.  

In other words, we Kenyans have established our very own unique culture. Some are unruly whereas some are just hilarious. I am proudly Kenyan. Long live kanairo.


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