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5 Career Areas Available for Digital Media and Communication

Digital media is the future of the technology era. A career in digital media often involves designing and developing content for marketing enterprises, websites, video games and animation.

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Additionally, this type of media involves using technology like the internet and electronic devices to create content, such as audio and video, websites and social media.

Further, digital and social media are synonymous today. Therefore, you cannot pursue a career in the digital media industry without becoming an expert in a wide range of areas, such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads and Facebook.

Some of the careers available in the digital media and communication area include:

Web analytics specialists

A Web analytics specialist focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) to assess the effectiveness of websites. They are responsible for evaluating customer traffic flow to optimize all website pages, increase traffic and convert leads into sales.

They then use the customer traffic data to determine the latest trends. Web analytics specialists research the keywords that can offer high website rankings in various search engine results.

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They also analyze the factors that may affect a website’s number of visits, like content and product placement, and develop solutions to improve traffic.

Web developer

Web developers designs and creates network applications and websites. They write code for programming applications, create web links and content, develop unique software and install software programs.

Additionally, they can also solve computer problems, adjust glitches and analyze the software. Companies depend on web developers for data flow checks, which are essential in determining the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.


Digital media photographers

Like traditional photographers, digital media photographers take pictures and videos of people, events, places and objects. They tell stories through the images they capture.

However, instead of using photographic paper and chemicals to develop pictures, they capture images in a computer file format.

Besides taking photographs, they also edit the images using photo editing software to create desired effects, such as adding filters and cropping and resizing images.

Social media specialists

Social media specialists create and administer content on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the intent of building an audience.

They are responsible for ensuring customer engagement by monitoring the different sites’ metrics, overseeing the creative design and responding to comments.

Additionally, they also work with digital marketing teams to help companies create brand awareness, while offering guidance to businesses and organizations to help them use social media to announce new products, recruit employees, advertise events and educate their followers.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers use special software to create graphics like webpage images, newspaper ads, posters, media images, product labels and logos.

They use editing, digital illustration and layout software to create new designs and update old designs for companies.

They often work with businesses to help with their branding, and they meet with clients to define a project’s scope and present design ideas.

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