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3 Watcmen Brutally Murdered in Migori Town, One Dumped in River

Three Watchmen were discovered brutally murdered in Migori town on today morning, their bodies bearing signs of blunt force trauma.


This horrifying incident has left the local community in fear and has raised concerns about the deteriorating security situation in the town.

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Tragically, one of the bodies was discovered dumped in the chilling waters of River Migori.

Police line [Photo/Courtesy] Murdered
Police line [Photo/Courtesy]

Residents of Migori town have expressed their anger and frustration, pointing fingers at the local police force, whom they accuse of neglecting their duty to conduct adequate night patrols. Their voices echoed through the town, as they demanded answers and called for swift action.

One resident, Samuel Mwangi, exclaimed, “We cannot continue to live in fear! The security situation here is getting worse day by day, and we demand immediate intervention from Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki.”

The baffling aspect of this tragedy is that two of the security guards were reportedly killed in close proximity to a bank that is guarded by police officers. This revelation has only fueled the anger and disbelief among the townspeople.

Mary Achieng, another concerned resident, voiced her frustration, saying, “How could this happen so close to a bank guarded by the police? It’s incomprehensible.”

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This devastating incident marks the second such occurrence in Migori this year, following the murder of another watchman in February during a violent robbery. During that incident, 18 motorcycles and 30 mobile phones were stolen from a local shop, leaving the community in shock.

Authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into these heinous crimes, and they have promised to leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators to justice.


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