Traffic Cop Attempts to Shoot Nakuru MCA

Mwangi Muraya, Naivasha’s Viwandani Ward MCA (Nakuru MCA), claimed that a traffic police officer attempted to shoot him. He further stated that the officer attempted to shoot him inside the Nakuru County Assembly for unknown reasons.

Nakuru MCA
MCA, Mwangi Muraya talking to the police officers at the Kapembwo police station. PHOTO/COURTESY

The MCA spoke while addressing the media on Tuesday stating that the officer had been trailing him from Gilgil. He allegedly blocked the MCA’s path as he made his way to the Nakuru County Assembly offices.

After being blocked by the officer, the MCA halted his vehicle to find out what offences he had committed that warranted being stopped by an officer. The traffic officer, however, ordered him to produce his identification documents.

Consequently, Muraya identified himself as a Member of the County Assembly representing the Viwandani ward. He then told the officer that he was going to the County Assembly to perform his duties as a county legislator.

According to Muraya, the officer drew out his gun and pointed it at him. He said that the officer threatened that he would shoot even if he was the president of the country.

Officers from Kapembwo Police Station, Nakuru allegedly arrived at the scene minutes past 2:00 pm. The officers restrained the officer and seized his gun.

The Nakuru MCA mentioned that this was not the first time the traffic officer was following him. He had apparently been trailed by the officer a couple of times in the past.

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Traffic Police Officer’s Motive

Muraya asked the officers from Kapembwo Police Station to find out the reason behind the officer’s decision to operate outside the law. Part of it was that he followed the MCA to the County Assembly, a protected place. He then called for disciplinary action against the officer including the removal from service.

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Investigations are being held to determine whether the officer had violated the provisions of section 64 of the Police Act. The Act requires all officers to adhere to the standing orders and the Code of the Regulations for the time one is in service.

If found guilty, the officer would be liable to disciplinary action as determined by the National Police Service (NPS).

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