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Rihanna: The Reason Behind Her Second Baby’s Name


One month after their second child was born, popular American singer Rihanna and her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, revealed the name of their second child.


The parents named their baby son “Riot Rose Mayers,” according to a birth certificate seen by media sources. The infant was delivered at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on August 1, according to the birth certificate as well. The rapper A$AP Rocky and the 35-year-old popstar already have a 16-month-old son named RZA Athelston Mayers, but they had a second child in August. An insider has now revealed the meaning behind the name which has been described as ‘floral’.

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According to a source close to the singer, the reason behind naming the child Riot Rose is linked to ASAP Rocky’s love for flowers. ‘Not everyone knows this, but Rocky loves flowers — he loves having fresh flowers in the house, he loves decorating with flowers, and he even had real flowers in his grill once,’ the source told media. The baby was rumored to have been named after the song Riot, which his father and Pharrell Williams released earlier this year.

Their first child’s name honors the Wu-Tang Clan’s 54-year-old leader and producer RZA, whose full name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, and also references A$AP’s middle name.

Rihanna and RZA
Singer Rihanna with her son RZA. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

In February 2023, during her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, Rihanna shocked everyone by announcing her second pregnancy. On stage, though, fans quickly caught her lovingly holding her expanding baby bulge, which led to a lot of rumors.

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Rihanna previously told British Vogue magazine about her first few months as a new mother: “Oh my God, it’s legendary. It’s everything. You really don’t remember life before, that’s the craziest thing ever.”


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