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Khaligraph Jones Reacts To Diamond Performing With a Coffin

The bongo sensation, Diamond Platinumz made a dramatic entrance at the Wasafi Festival. The singer emerged from a coffin that was being carried by men dressed in black and a stage decorated with skeletons.


The background screen as well as the sound created a horror-like effect. The stage was filled with skeletons and other Halloween-like decorations and the crowd was loving it. Some men dressed in black robes emerged walking with a wooden coffin before slowly dropping it and out came Diamond.


The singer then took the stage with energy as he performed the song Baba Lao. Diamond then took to his socials to express his gratitude to his fans for their support. He admitted that he was scared while he was in the coffin.

“Emerging from that coffin last night was an absolutely wild experience. I was scared as heck in there. I hope I didn’t disappoint, though every time I think about being inside that coffin, the memories are unforgettable.”

Khaligraph Jones took his socials to react after he saw the Diamond Platinumz entrance. He shared a video of himself being brought to the stage in a white coffin during his performance back in 2017.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones (PHOTO/COURTESY)

This adds to the ongoing friendly feud between Kenyans and Tanzanians that was started by Khaligraph Jones when he challenged Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle. Khaligraph gave Tanzanian rappers 24 hours or he would become the self-acclaimed best rapper in East Africa.

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The OG shared that the coffin idea was something he did six years ago. Leading Kenyans to claim that Tanzanians copy Kenyan artists and look to them for inspiration. Khaligraph also explained that the coffin was aligned with his hit song Mazishi that he was going to perform.

Khaligraph shared that the coffin had hidden meanings. He shared that it represented the resurrection of Kenyan music that was once dead. He also said that the coffin was to draw attention to the increased crime rate killing young folks in the city.

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