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Alikiba Reacts To Harmonize Hugging Him From the Back

Men regardless of age or race are not the most excited to show their love for a fellow man through embracing. Bongo sensation, Alikiba is clearly one of those men who would keep their personal space when it comes to men according to his reaction after fellow bongo musician, Harmonize hugged him.


Alikiba was giving an interview after he performed at the festival, Samia na Kizimkazi in Zanzibar. During his interview with Millard Ayo at the venue, Alikiba cleared the air on where he stood with the ongoing feud that he was dragged into by Tanzanian singer Abby Chumz.


Abby Chumz has been sharing her disappointment after Tanzanian singer, Mario did a collaboration with Alikiba on the song, Love Song. She claimed that it was supposed to be her instead of Alikiba.

The Seduce Me hitmaker shared that Abby should respect Mario’s decision and should not let it bother her as much as it has. He pointed out that she was a young woman in the industry with a lot to learn.

As Alikiba was speaking, he had a lot of distractions like from the Cloud FM presenter, Mwijaku. Who kept on showering Alikiba with praises. Alikiba managed to ignore all that except for when Harmonize gave him a surprise hug from the back.


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Harmonize looked elated as he clung tightly to Alikiba who looked confused as he tried to break free. The Uno hitmaker called Alikiba the ‘King is here’ before rushing off and leaving him to return to the interview.

Ayo asked Alikiba how he felt after Harmonize’s surprise embrace and he responded by saying that Harmonize was probably filled with excitement and happiness and wanted to share it.

“Unapokuwa mkubwa kuna mazito pia unabeba lakini hata mepesi pia uyafurahie. Kushare furaha na watu wengine pia ni kitu kizuri. Ameni surprise lakini ni kawaida kama mtu amekuwa na furaha kumhig mwenzake. Lakini sielewi ni kitu gani kinaendelea lakaini nadhani amefirahishwa na show.”

When questioned whether a collaboration between him and Harmonize was in the works, Alikiba did not get a chance to respond. Mwikaju instead took over the interview and said that he would oversee the collaboration between the two.

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