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Khalif Kairo has Been Disqualified from the Pulse Influencer Awards

In Kenya, some have embraced vote buying as a campaign strategy. It is usually evident during the election season. With the Pulse Influencer Awards around the corner and nominees urging their fans to vote, Khalif Kairo decided to sweeten the deal for those who would vote for him.


Khalif Kairo has been disqualified from the 2023 Pulse Influencer Awards following allegations of vote buying. According to an email sent to Khalif from the Pulse Influencer Awards team,  Khalif violated the rules and regulations.

Khalif Kairo
Khalif Kairo (PHOTO/ COURTESY)

In the email sent to Khalif from the Pulse Influencer Awards team, they attached some screenshots proving that Khalif had engaged in vote buying and due to his actions had to be disqualified immediately.

The Pulse Influencer Awards also released a statement on their social media pages explaining why they had to disqualify Khalif Kairo. They added that they were committed to ensuring the fairness of the awards.

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“Following our statement reiterating our commitment to a fair voting process, we announce the immediate disqualification of one of the Pulse Influencer Awards nominees in Pulse Kenya. One of the nominees in the category, Khalif Kairo has been found to be soliciting votes publicly in exchange for monetary payments.”

The Pulse Influencers Awards also released a statement on vote buying. They clarified that fraudulent people had been calling the nominees offering them votes for a price and had no association with them.

“It has come to our attention that fraudulent players are contacting our Pulse Influencer Awards 2023 nominees, offering them votes for a price. Pulse has no association or connection with these vote sellers.”

Khalif was nominated under the Business Influencer category. He is the CEO of Kai and Karo Motors. The father of one is not married but has a son.

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