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It’s Weird to Keep Account of Body Counts, Here is Why

It is 2023 and women should stop being asked about how many people they have slept with in interviews. One would wonder why men are not asked the same question as frequently as women.


Here is why, it is weird that it would be embarrassing if a man said that their body count is below two. Shockingly, it becomes the talk of the town when a woman has a body count exceeding one.

So, what should be the average body count for human beings? Men are “applauded” for having higher body counts whereas women get shamed for the same. The question is, who or what are these men sleeping with? Has it never crossed people’s minds that for a majority of men to achieve their high body counts, women must be included?

It is Weird to Keep Account of Body Counts
It is Weird to Keep Account of Body Counts. Photo| Getty images

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All in all, it is laughable that people actually keep count of the people they have had sexual encounters with. It’s almost as if people do this with the hope that one day they will be asked and decide whether or not to be truthful about it, depending on the situation. Has sex become a sport where goals and assists are put on record? Probably why it has an olympic.

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Moreover, the way these questions are framed nowadays might seem funny but are actually demeaning. It was sort of “respectful” when women were straight up asked what figure their body count stands at.

However, lately, women are being asked what item their body count figure can purchase. So, one has to reflect on the number of their sexual partners or acquaintances and equate them to current fuel prices or a pack of chewing gum.

Keeping an account of one’s body count is weird. Is there a competition on the same going on, and if so, who wins? The one with a lower body count or one whose figure can get them a Tesla?

During an interview with Oga Obinna, King Kalala was asked about her body count. The lady candidly said that she stopped counting and Kenyans are having a hard time understanding how and why.

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Nonetheless, keeping a record of body counts makes it appear as if there is a target on such matters. Should one keep an account of their sexual escapades in order to avoid surpassing a certain limit or to actually surpass it?

Anyway, one should not limit themselves from enjoying sex out of the fear of having a high body count. If anything, one should only place limits due to health, spiritual, or moral issues.


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