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Critic to Vanessa Mdee: “Rotimi is not your Husband”

Talk of netizens and reality check! A somewhat agitated fan took it upon herself to remind Vanessa Mdee for the umpteenth time, that she made made the gravest mistake of her life by “giving up her career for Rotimi.”


However, when Vanessa Mdee tried clapping back, she was met with an even ruder reply. The critic told Mdee that not only is her partner not her husband, but that he is also disrespectfully cheating on her. From the look of things, this female critic was allegedly speaking out of fact and not fiction.

Vanessa Mdee and Olurotimi Akinosho.
Vanessa Mdee and Olurotimi Akinosho. Source| Instagram

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News of Vanessa’s exit from the showbiz industry spread like wildfire and a significant percentage of her fans burned with rage and disappointment. In 2020, Vanessa took to her podcast, Deep Dive With Vanessa Mdee, to literally drop the mic. The talented mother of two, under two, cited depression and pressure as her reasons for tapping out.

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Surprisingly, her fans and critics alike translated this to her quitting her very promising career to support Rotimi’s already established career. Well, no one knows, but since then, Vanessa has been nothing short of the supporting partner. Giving the Proverbs 31 woman a run for her crown. The award winning media personality has graced their union with two beautiful children and a scandalous-free life.

Before meeting Rotimi, Vanessa Hau Mdee was rumored to be in numerous romantic relationships but only confirmed one. The Tanzanian star and fellow Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux, were in a six-year long relationship that sunk in 2018. After mutually keeping their breakup a secret for almost a year, Vanessa Mdee finally confirmed their split in 2019 in an interview.

Vanessa and Rotimi. A photoshoot of them expecting their first child, a son they named Seven. Source| Instagram

Shortly after, her ex Jux shocked netizens with the revelation that Vanessa might have cheated on him with Nigerian rapper Ice Prince and American superstar, Trey Songz. True or false, these are some big names and Jux might have felt some type of way. A few months later, not only was Vanessa seen outside with Rotimi, but the two also got matching tattoos. Aside from that, netizens will never forget that Vanessa Mdee said that she knew Rotimi would be her husband within 48 hours of meeting him.

Fast forward to 2020, the East African jewel got engaged and it was a happy day in the Rotimi-Hau paradise. Since then, Vanessa has been gracing timelines with everything else but wedding pictures. However, Vanessa still stands as a living example that one can excel in more than one field.

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She is doing a great job at being a fiancé, a mother, a brand ambassador and Rotimi’s partner. Also, if one says they are somebody’s wife, and the somebody is not refuting the claims, who are we to put a sunder?


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