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China Reopens Doors for Organized Tours to Tunisia

Tunisia, a country known to be famous for its diverse landscapes, from beautiful Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara Desert known is setting its sights on the Chinese tourism market.


As the founder and manager of a leading travel agency in Tunisia explains, this strategic move holds immense promise for the country’s tourism industry, a vital sector that contributes significantly to Tunisia’s GDP.

One of the primary reasons behind Tunisia’s interest in the Chinese market is its ability to counter the seasonality challenges that often plague the tourism industry. Unlike some markets that primarily attract tourists during specific seasons, Chinese travelers have demonstrated a penchant for visiting Tunisia throughout the year. This versatility is a game-changer for the Tunisian tourism sector.

While Tunisia boasts beautiful beaches and sunny weather, the appeal of the country extends far beyond mere seaside attractions. Tourism experts are convinced that the real potential lies in cultural tourism. Chinese tourists are known for their keen interest in cultural experiences, and Tunisia’s wealth of historical and archaeological sites is a goldmine waiting to be explored.

Tunisia boasts an impressive archaeological heritage, with eight historical sites recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites, steeped in history and culture, are magnets for curious travelers seeking immersive experiences. From ancient ruins to well-preserved artifacts, Tunisia offers a captivating journey through time for Chinese tourists.

To facilitate this burgeoning relationship with Chinese tourists, aviation analysts are advocating for a new air route between Tunis and Beijing. Such a route, they argue, would not only benefit Tunisia and China but also the broader African continent. Carthage International Airport, with ambitions to become a hub for multiple African destinations, could serve as a gateway to Africa for Chinese travelers.

The recent call by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism for travel agencies and tourism service providers to promote group tours abroad for Chinese tourists has further energized Tunisia’s tourism industry. As Chinese tourists begin to return in greater numbers, they are poised to play a pivotal role in revitalizing and expanding Tunisia’s tourism sector, benefiting not only Tunisia but the entire North African region.

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