Bahati’s New Song Taken Down By Tanzanian Producer Over Copyright Claims

After weeks of a Kenya-Tanzania feud that started with Khaligraph Jones challenging Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle before other Kenyan artists joined the battle. Bahati is the most recent. It escalated to Kenyans mocking Tanzanian English and Tanzanians mocking Kenyan Swahili.


Bahati’s new song has been taken down on YouTube after copyright claims from Tanzanian Jay Melody’s producer Genius X66. Bahti’s new song Huyu was trending at number two before it got deleted.


The Adhiambo hitmaker took to his social media to express his disappointment. He claimed that the song being taken down was due to malicious intentions. He also alluded to the Tanzania-Kenyan feud.

“Another attack from Tanzania. Who is Genius Jini X66? He maliciously deleted my song #huyu from YouTube no.2 on trending.”

The Tanzanian producer, Genius Jini X66 took to his platform to express his disappointment. He shared that he would rather have had Bahati talk to him first instead of him taking his sound. He added that this was the second time someone had stolen his beats.

A song by Genius Jini called Juu (PHOTO/COURTESY)

“Nikishusha hii nyimbo naini atanilaum? Ku create sound huwa sio kitu chepesi jamani tunaumiza sana. Hii ni mara ya pili beat zangu wana copy, nikiongea sijui naonekanaje. Bahati kaka ungehitaji hii sound ungenicheki tu ningekutengenezea kuliko kufanya hivi.”

Tanzanian rappers like Rosa Rae have been releasing diss tracks towards Kenyan artists and rappers after the whole feud started. Khaligraph Jones and Stivo Simple Boy have also released diss tracks aimed at Tanzanians.

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Willy Paul who recently claimed that his new music video cost him 2 million Kenyan shillings also went after Tanzanian artists. Before his song dropped, he claimed that his new song would prove that he was the best singer in East Africa.

Bahati on the other hand has been making headlines after he was pictured smoking. He also went after the controversial Pastor Ezekiel who claimed women called Diana control their husbands.

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