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The Office Chair Obsession: Exploring this Unique Bond

An unexpected relationship has emerged in modern workplaces. One that may seem minor at first glance but holds a significant place in the hearts of office workers.


The bond between office workers and their chairs is a phenomenon that often goes unnoticed.

Employees in an open office set-up
Employees in an open office set-up. Source| Getty Images

Most people spend a substantial portion of their lives in their offices. Hence, a need to understand why office chairs have become objects of fascination and even obsession.


What Your Sitting Posture Reveals About You

Thinking of an office seat like a toilet definitely brings the point home. Some people say “Home is where the heart is,” but most people argue that “Home is where the toilet feels right.”

A majority of people want to trust their office space just as much as they do their toilets. A compact space with enough lighting, necessary noise, full-time privacy, and world-class comfort.

The Quest for Comfort

Nothing makes an employee happier than finding a second home in their office space.

Comfort is paramount in any workspace. After all, a cozy and ergonomic chair can make a huge difference. The right chair sets the tone for an energized, focused workday. On the other hand, a wrong one makes for a sluggish, uncomfortable workday.

The right chair provides the necessary support, ensuring that one maintains proper posture. Aside from that, it alleviates strain on their backs, necks, and shoulders.

In this pursuit of comfort, office workers often dedicate their first days of work to finding the perfect chair. One that offers an optimal balance of cushioning, adjustability, and ergonomic design.

The Productivity Connection

“Happy wife, happy life,” applies at home. However, “Happy butt, happy life,” applies in the office.

An uncomfortable chair can lead to distractions resulting in reduced focus and efficiency. On the flip side, a chair that supports proper posture helps employees concentrate on their tasks.

Such levels of concentration translate into increased productivity. Can we also talk about how a comfortable office chair has one looking forward to getting to the office?

The Personal Touch

Now, being assigned an office desk that already has the perfect chair should go down as one of the seven wonders of the world. It is almost like falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after at first sight.

Unfortunately for some, they have to “kiss a thousand frogs before getting to their prince charming.” This explains the rage that engulfs one when they find their one and only “throne” missing on a fine working day.

Customized office chairs.
Customized office chairs. Source; Getty Images.

Office chairs often become an extension of an individual’s workspace and personality. Some employees adjust their seats to suit their height and even weight. Others adorn their chairs with cushions, covers, or even small trinkets that reflect their personal style.

This personal touch creates a sense of ownership and belonging. Most people pour out their hearts into transforming the chair from a mere piece of furniture into a unique space that belongs to the occupant.

The Symbol of Routine

Nothing gives human beings a sense of direction than having a routine or ritual. Having a signature seat also gives employees a sense of belonging and pride.

Furthermore, hopping from one seat to another makes one feel like a cheater. Look out for employees who just sit anywhere and on anything they find at their desks without questioning.

The act of sitting down in one’s chair has become a deep-rooted part of the daily work routine. This ritual signifies the start of the workday, allowing employees to mentally transition from the outside world.

Over time, this repeated motion of getting to the office and comfortably sliding into action in your own seat creates a sense of familiarity. After all, waking up to trying to find a seat every day kills the work vibe.

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The Quest for Respect

It is not always about the chair. As a matter of fact, many employees cannot even explain why they are attached to their seats.

For some, it is about control and respect. Many employees are just obsessed with being respected to the point of no one “messing” around with what’s “theirs.”

All in all, the connection between office workers and their chairs goes beyond the mere physical act of sitting. This relationship also speaks volumes about people’s personality traits and the love or hate they feel for their office space.

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For instance, an employee that is least interested in the least of things such as a chair could also be one that is least interested in forming connections with and in their workplaces.


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