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South Sudan’s ‘Bright Stars’ Make Historic Debut at FIBA Basketball World Cup

South Sudan’s Bright Stars team has made a spectacular first appearance at the highly anticipated FIBA Basketball World Cup debut.


This wonderful talent started from marketplaces to streets and finally at the basketball courts. The fascinated audience gathered around TV screens, united by the shared excitement of witnessing history in the making.

During their competition where they where South Sudan were up against Puerto Rico, the Bright Stars held their own, dominating play for a significant portion of the game. The crowd cheered their team with passion as they celebrated every strategic move.

Despite a valiant effort, victory slipped from the Bright Stars’ grasp in the waning moments of the game, with Puerto Rico seizing the lead in the final 50 seconds of the fourth quarter. The first match of this momentous journey concluded with a loss, but the players and fans remained steadfast in their optimism for the games to come.

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Reflecting on the match, one player expressed both pride and determination, echoing the sentiments of the nation: “This is just the beginning. We may have faced a setback, but I have complete faith in South Sudan’s potential. In the upcoming games, we’ll hone our skills and aim for victory.”

South Sudan's 'Bright Stars' Make Historic Debut at FIBA Basketball World Cup.
South Sudan’s ‘Bright Stars’ Make Historic Debut at FIBA Basketball World Cup. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Another player chimed in, applauding the team’s performance and reaffirming the commitment to improvement: “Our inaugural game showcased our fighting spirit until the very end. We stood strong, and that’s what matters. Tomorrow and the day after, we’ll show our progress.”

This groundbreaking moment in South Sudanese sports history carries an added layer of significance, as South Sudan’s Bright Stars became the first African team to qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup in their maiden attempt. With Puerto Rico ranked 19th by FIBA and South Sudan positioned at number 62, the Bright Stars have already defied expectations by securing their place on the global basketball stage.

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