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South Sudanese Artists Employ Visual Arts to Address Taboo

In Juba’s leading arts exhibition, the works of Franco Turban, a renowned South Sudanese artist, captivate visitors with their thought-provoking sketches and paintings.


Turban’s art focuses on shedding light on the perennial problems faced by women and youth in South Sudan’s communities, reflecting on life before and after independence.

Turban’s dedication to addressing women’s issues stems from his belief that when women are at peace, the world is at peace. Through his powerful artworks, he aims to instill a sense of empowerment and highlight the importance of self-determination for the country.

In a nation where literacy levels remain among the lowest globally, visual arts have emerged as a unique medium to inform and educate the masses, particularly the most vulnerable in society. Women attending the exhibition express how it allows them to reflect on South Sudan’s independence and what it means for their freedom of speech and actions.

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Despite the challenges faced by artists in South Sudan, such as the high cost of materials and lack of financial support, Franco Turban remains undeterred. He sees art as a tool for community education, a means to reflect on the nation’s achievements and troubled past, and to impart messages of hope and resilience to its people.

South Sudanese Artists Employ Visual Arts to Address Taboo.
South Sudanese Artists Employ Visual Arts to Address Taboo. PHOTO Credits.

Attendees of the exhibition find each painting to be a lesson in itself, inspiring positive change and reflection on life. The hope is that such artistic platforms will spark interest in visual arts among South Sudan’s youthful population.

However, artists face significant hurdles, including the lack of financial support and inadequate recognition of art’s importance in the country’s curriculum. Despite these challenges, Turban remains steadfast in his mission to use art to champion the good life of South Sudanese from all walks of life.

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