Murugi Responds After Belgian Ex Claims She Made Him Broke

Kikuyu women are on the spot again for their relationship tactics. The Belgian nationality Tiktok content creator, Frank whose real name is Neluemrev Knarf took to his social media to make claims against Kikuyu women after his split with ex-wife Murugi.


In a video posted on Frank’s social media pages, Frank is seen looking sad with somber music playing and a caption suggesting that his financial situation had taken a hit after his association to a kikuyu woman.

Belgian national, Frank

“After being with a Kikuyu lady for three years, I am now completely broke.”

Frank also shared another video with him looking sad with his face down and also captioned it in a manner suggesting regret of a past relationship.

“Me realizing I gave too much to the wrong person.”

It is not clear whether the posts were just for content with no attached or hidden meaning and truth or they were actually hinting at his past relationship with his ex-wife, Murugi. The two were together for three years, married for two years before their split earlier this year and have one daughter together.

Murugi and Frank
Tiktokers Frank and ex-wife Murugi

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Murugi clapped back to the video her ex-husband posted with a witty video using a comical sound of a man giving financial advice. The 22-year-old, lip-synched the sound and the video got varied responses with people quickly realizing she was clapping back at her ex.

“If the money you have cannot solve the problems you have, eat that money.”

Murugi shared on her socials that Frank and her were separated after she found out that he has another wife and kids back in February. In April, Frank confirmed that the two were no longer together during a Q&A session. The two however co-parent.

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