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British Soldiers Accused Of Covering Crime In Kenya

Almost eleven years after the murder of Agnes Wanjiru, the British soldier accused is still scott-free in South England. Agnes Wanjiru was last seen alive in 2012 with British troops at a hotel in Nanyuki before her mutilated body was found three months later in a septic tank close to an army base.


By the time her body was discovered, the army troops had already gone back. The UK sends six infantry battalions a year for eight-week exercises to the nearby Nanyuki army base. Agnes was highlighted as a sex worker who often went to Nanyuki hotspots to entertain and look for clients which the family refuses.

The National Assembly debated recommended changes to the Defence Cooperation Agreement between Kenya and the UK. Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi said;

The matter of Wanjiru is very traumatic and until the matter is resolved, this country will not be at peace. Crime is crime and murder is a crime and we can’t exempt murder among crimes that host nation is allowed to try.

Opiyo Wandayi

According to British tabloids, the British soldier confessed to having killed the woman to a fellow soldier but any witnesses are yet to be called in for questioning.

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A woman has shared her story on Tiktok about how she was left by her white lover with a baby to fend for. In the video, she warns other Kenyan women to be careful with white men.

Over the years, some Kenyan women have gotten themselves in trouble with the law due to their association with white men who were being investigated due to suspicious criminal activities linked to them like money laundering.

According to Kenyan researchers and women rights activists, Kenya should relook if we need the training base. They point out that Kenya should seek options with other power nations and not rely on their colonizer.

Checking to consider things like cost benefit to not only the British but Kenyans as well. They condemned Kithure Kindiki’s response to the matter and demanded better.

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