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KRG The Don’s Advice on Why Broke Kenyan Men Should not Date

The dancehall artist, KRG The Don was trending online again after his message for men who earn less than 100 thousand Kenya shillings. According to KRG Don, a man who earns less than Ksh 100000 should not be dating or trying to find love.


Kenyan men and women have become familiar to the sound of Andrew Kibe’s voice saying,’hii bila pesa my friend, usijaribu kuangalia.’ Referring to Kenyan women who look high maintenance while addressing it to Kenyan men.

KRG The Don. Photo: COURTSEY

He said that the amount was small and could barely last a week. He said men who make that sum of money should focus on making more money and avoid women until they make more. He could not understand how it is possible for men to make such a meagre amount.

He was asked by content creator, IamPrinceJ, ‘bro, if you are making 100k, how much should your woman be making?’ To which KRG The Don responded, ‘Kama unajua unatengeneza pesa kidogo kama hiyo ata hufai kudeal na mambo ya mapenzi. That one you should only buy token usikiange tu hiyo kelele. Ata unaweza kuwa na hisia za mapenzi kweli?’

This conversation of broke men not being eligible to date women has also been discussed in the Classic 105 morning show with Maina and Kingang’i. Maina shared a survey done by a local university in Kenya.

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According to the survey, most university girls in Kenya have a sponsor. This dynamic makes it hard for university boys to get girlfriends since most prefer dating men who can afford to pay for their lavish lifestyle.

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