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Kagwe Mungai Brags About Sharon Mwangi Cooking For Him

In a Tiktok video posted by Kagwe Mungai on his account, he shows off his girlfriend serving him food that she cooked daily. The video got mixed reactions, with others applauding him for finding a good woman while others condemning the girlfriend for doing wife duties as a girlfriend.


In Kenya, especially Nairobi, many celebrity couples have opted to move in together, have children and live as a family despite tying the knot formally and legally. Couples like Thee Pluto and his girlfriend and Tyler Mbaya and ex-baby mama, Georgina Njenga are two of many couples who have rushed into building a family.


Im one lucky guy ❤️ Hey Bestie @Sharon K Mwangi

♬ Bestie – Kagwe Mungai & Collo

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Celebrities in Hollywood are also not immune to this wave. The Kardashian-Jenner are all someone’s baby mama, even with Kourtney married, she is still Scott Disick’s baby mama. Nick Canon has twelve children with different baby mamas and is not committed to any of them, at least not legally.

In an era where women’s empowerment is at its peak, you would expect women would have more standards, men would treat women right and there would be an increase of stable relationships. Instead, we have more women being termed as the crazy girlfriend, men caught cheating, increased divorce rates and more people signing up on dating sights.

Women perform wife duties like cooking, doing laundry and cleaning for man, moving in with him, investing financially into his projects and businesses, paying his bills and in other cases caring for his child that he had with another woman. All this to show and prove their undying love for a man.

Women have been dumped and left for other women who would not stoop to perform wife duties without a ring on their finger. Living them traumatized, hurt and feeling devalued and misused. Unlike most women think, men step up for women they are really interested in. They also test women to see how far they are willing to go to keep the relationship.

Not to put all the blame on women and acquit men, but we live in an era where men do not value the family system. Artists like Diamond Platinum and Davido are well-known artists who have baby mamas from different countries.

The increase of the toxic masculinity agenda and fatherless homes has led to an erosion of traditional values on marriage and family.

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