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EACC: “We are in the concluding phases of our investigations”

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is nearing the conclusion of its investigation into the Uasin Gishu overseas study program.

Charles Rasungu, EACC North Rift Regional Manager.
Charles Rasungu, EACC North Rift Regional Manager. Photo| Courtesy

Charles Rasungu addresses affected parties

According to Charles Rasugu, the investigation, initiated in March, has been intricate due to the involvement of various factors. Rasungu clarified,

“We are making diligent progress and have assembled a dedicated team working tirelessly. The investigation encompasses the examination of student fees that were disbursed to universities in Canada and Finland. Tracing the movement of these funds within a limited timeframe presents its challenges.”

Charles Rasungu, EACC North Rift Regional Manager

Charles Rasungu addressed concerned parents and students who staged protests at the EACC offices in Eldoret. He acknowledged the public’s keen interest and assured them that the investigation was in its final stages. He stated,

“We recognize the gravity of the situation and are in the concluding phases of our inquiry. In the upcoming weeks, we intend to present our findings to the Director of Public Prosecutions, accompanied by appropriate recommendations.”

Charles Rasungu,

Affected parents criticized the commission for what they perceived as slow progress in resolving the matter. Janet Jerotich, a student, expressed their frustration, saying,

“While EACC’s investigation continues, we are left in limbo as we lack the means to enroll in local schools after our parents invested their resources in the failed program. How long must we wait for the investigation to conclude?”

Janet Jerotich

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Affected parents and students to continue with demonstrations

The affected individuals threatened to persist with demonstrations until their financial losses were redressed.

Mercy Tarus urged the EACC to carry out their duties without influence from the political class and called for steadfastness. The parents also questioned the continued involvement of the three suspended county officials in managing the trust account.

The officials had been entrusted with a mere Ksh1.8 million, according to recent leadership statements. A student emphasized, “Given the situation, it is evident that the suspended officials cannot be trusted with our funds.”

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The Bii and Mandago blame game

Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago was questioned by EACC detectives regarding the scholarship scandal. He was summoned due to his role in overseeing the initiation and implementation of the Overseas Trust Fund while serving as the county’s Governor.

Allegations have arisen regarding the misappropriation of over Ksh837 million collected from parents for scholarships to Finland and Canada. The EACC is focusing on Ksh57,538,429 withdrawn locally by Uasin Gishu County officials who were entrusted with managing the fund.

The controversy has led to a blame game between Governor Jonathan Bii and Senator Mandago.

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Governor Bii has urged Mandago to take responsibility for the mishandling of funds. On the other hand, Mandago denied any wrongdoing and called on Governor Bii to take accountability as the county leader.

The scholarship saga has raised significant concerns and is now awaiting the EACC’s final report.


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