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Bet You Relate: This is what Having Demons Feels Like

You’ve probably heard people talking about having demons and thought they were either possessed, cursed, or just exaggerating their mental challenges. Well, ‘having demons’ is real, and be rest assured that this is what it feels like having them.


Demons are hostile supernatural entities that often cause distress and mayhem. However ‘having demons’ could also mean having a multitude of unresolved issues or having one issue that needs a multitude of ways to be resolved.

All in all, it is ugly business and one that most people seldom know how to navigate.


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Unfortunately enough, there is no straightforward formula for dealing with one’s demons. Nevertheless, what helps is coming to terms with the fact that they do exist and that they usually don’t wear the same face at all times. Which loosely means that one cannot fully comprehend the identity of their demons and their intentions.

Some religions still believe in exorcism- the casting out of demons and evil spirits.
Some religions still believe in exorcism- the casting out of demons and evil spirits. Source| Getty Images

In most cases, some people tend to think that their familiarity with their demons makes them immune to the destruction they bring. Although this may sound comforting, the bitter truth is that there’s no such thing as making peace with one’s demons. A prey and its predator can only co-exist for a limited amount of time.

Having demons feels like being in total control of one’s emotions when faced with situations that threaten to destroy the soul. It may also feel like being totally out of control when faced with soul-wrecking situations.

However, most people mistake numbness towards emotional challenges for effectively dealing with their demons. In the same way, people who get completely overwhelmed in the face of challenges tend to feel like their demons have won.

Having Demons
Source| Wikimedia

Yet, one thing most people forget is that no one expects them to always have the right answers or reactions to everything. Having demons might make one feel like a failure in the face of challenges. It might also make one feel like a hero when in reality, they are a blind bat that needs guidance.

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The truth of the matter is that human beings grow weary now and then. Also, some situations, however basic, could be out of a human being’s control. One way of knowing when one ‘has demons’ is when they have difficulty in catching or expressing emotions.

Having demons feels like having challenges but not knowing exactly what the challenges are. This often leaves most people in a state of identity crisis. The struggles that lie within finding oneself without losing oneself could feel like a battle with unknown spirits. But, it is dangerous to presume the outcome of this battle.

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Giving in to one’s demons is as risky as constantly fighting them. The dead never rest and whether one surrenders or resists, demons attack not to conquer but to destroy. Having demons feels like a lifelong sentence but this writer believes that having demons should feel like a game of chess.


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