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Athletes With The Best Fashion

Being an athlete puts you on the spotlight and if your performance is exceptional, you instantly become famous. Athletes are nowadays being invited to celebrity engagements like parties. Michael Rubin’s star-studded white party having footballer, Mbape and American footballer, Tom Brady.


In other instances, these athletes are invited to the most important fashion event of the year, The MET Gala. They get to walk the stairs as they show of their custom outfit for the night. Other athletes have done collaborations with fashion houses, like Lewis Hamilton collaboration with Tommy Hillfiger.

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The two of the best dressed athletes who individually have built their own style over the years and have become fashion icons are:

David Beckham.

With a wife who has her own fashion line, it would be nearly impossible for the retired footballer not to be stylish. Victoria Beckham’s fashion line is known for being classy and timeless. This is something that David portrays through his clothes.

David Beckham. PHOTO/Courtesy.

David’s style has more to do with elevated timeless pieces. He is rarely seen with trendy pieces and through his style portrays sophistication. His wife, Victoria Beckham is also know to embody the same style .

Lewis Hamilton.

The seven-time champion and undoubtedly the greatest formula one driver of all time has had quite the fashion evolution. The Mercedes Petronas AMG driver started off with short hair and his fashion was barely recognizable.

With the fame growing after several wins, Lewis got himself a stylist and acquainted with the world of fashion and now uses his clothes to make a fashion statement. He has become the most well-dressed driver in formula one.

Athletes Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton. PHOTO/Courtesy.

His style encompasses, bold and bright colours, trendy pieces, sunglasses, prints, wide trousers and a lot of experimentation that blends so well. Recently, he was at the Louis Vuitton men’s show that was under Pharrell Williams.

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