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How To Be A Formula 1 WaG

Formula 1 WAG

Formula One is twenty rich, young men driving in circles very fast. This is music to many women’s ears. Being an athlete’s girlfriend has its perks, take a look at Georgina’s Netflix series and see how much so; she hit the jackpot.


But unlike other sports, Formula One is a luxurious sport worth tons of money with Toto Wolf, Mercedes Petronas AMG team principal and CEO being added to the Forbes list as a billionaire to prove it.

As a woman dating a Formula 1 driver would be goals for many and if that’s you.

Formula 1 driver Max and his girlfriend

This is what you need to know to have a shot at dating one of the formula one drivers:

Be flexible.

It is a sport that takes place for most part of the year in different countries across the continent, from Miami to Monaco to Australia to mention but a few.

Being able to be okay with seeing your man less than you’d like should be something you are comfortable with. Making room in your schedule to travel with him to some tournaments to support him will be key to your relationship.

Career in the arts.

Art is a big industry and it’s also where most women thrive and are perceived to be most themselves.

Career fields like modelling, journalism, fashion, music or even being an influencer just to mention but a few. Most of the F1 drivers are either dating a woman in this field like Redbull’s Max Verstappen who is dating Kelly Piquel a model or have an ex in those fields.

Of course with a few exceptions like George Russel who is dating Carmen Montero who happens to be working in finance.

Read about Max winning the Grand prix.

Physically attractive.

Athletes are fit and prioritize their physical wellness, working out and watching what they eat. They naturally want and are drawn to a woman who reflects health and fitness. Being very competitive, they need their woman to be a perfect representation of who they are at first glance.

Have a life.

This applies to any dating scenario, even if it is with a non-athlete. Being passionate about what they do, they would love to have a woman who is passionate about whatever she does and building a name for herself outside of him.

With this in mind, you are now ready to travel to the next Formula 1 race where you could meet your next man.


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