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‘The Idol’ Is Officially The Worst Reviewed Show

The only thing shocking about The Idol is how shockingly bad it is. The show has been ranked the least-loved project by HBO.


The Weekend and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, premiered The Idol in Cannes promising a great show only to receive dismal reviews with many critics taking issue with the over-sexualised nature of the production, forgetting its promotion as a mega scandalous expose of the Hollywood fame game.

Following Jocelyn, who is a character by Lily-Rose Depp, as she navigates her comeback into music, a toxic relationship with a cult leader and healing from an abusive mother. All in all, the show received major criticism for its disturbing content.

The Weeknd from the idol
The Weeknd in the show The idol

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Who allowed The Idol to be released? Weren’t there any steps taken before its release? Some questions many critics have brought up. The show has gotten such bad reviews that rumour has it that they pulled their sixth episode which was supposed to be the last so that it could end faster. Out of the 106 series by HBO and HBO Max, The Idol is 106th with a very big margin. With 41% everyone hated this show. From the reverse, these are the bottom four:

  1. The Idol. 19%
  2. The Time Traveller’s Wife. 38%
  3. Velma. 40%
  4. The Nerves. 49%

The Weekend has been called out for his bad acting, while Lily-Rose Depp was credited for being the only one who played her role well in the show despite it being horrible.

Sam Levinson and The Weekend were given all access to do what they want with this project and it turned out to be catastrophic.

The Idol is now officially the worst-reviewed show in HBO history by far.


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