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Omah Lay Sheds Light On Mental Struggles In His New Album

Afro Beats sensation, Omah Lay, has shown us a whole different side of himself in his new album, Boy Alone.


For those who have been faithful fans of Omah Lay, they are used to his upbeat tunes and lyrics on the vibe and being a playboy of some sort from his Get Layd and What Have We Done tracks.

In Boy Alone, it is more about his fears, anxieties and general mental struggles. Many already declared Boy Alone a classic but Omah Lay felt there was more to be told about the album hence the release of a deluxe edition put out last month.

Omah Lay
Omah Lay

He shares that he made Boy Alone when he was in a dark place while in his first two, he was at a different place. He says that he does his music depending on how he feels at the moment and that currently he is at a new place and his new music would reflect that.

My music is about my life and every single experience from day to day. I’ve made music with what is around me and what I am going through.

Omah Lay

Omah Lay mentions that he had heard that many creatives go through this episode of being in a dark space. From the outside looking in he felt everything was perfect and could not explain why he still struggled.

He then opted to share this message with the world through his music and so he created music while in that struggle.

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The Understand hitmaker mentions that he no longer considers the market before releasing his music because that fear can paralyze a creative. Instead, he has adopted a new mindset of going to the studio and making the most of his time while there and giving his best to the music.

Omah Lay shares that he was done with the album early but felt it needed more thus the song Soso. He shares that Soso, understand and I’m A Mess were the ones able to fully break down what he was going through in his life but Soso brought it all together.

After he released the album, Boy Alone, Omah Lay got help and got to a new place. While he was doing the press tour of his new album, he realized that the story was not yet finished and he wanted to add the new place that he was in.

He wanted to show both the dark and light side of his journey thus the deluxe.

Omah Lay has started working on his new music that he says will be exciting and appreciated by many when they drop.

He mentions that there will always be an element of Nigerian and African styles infused even as he explores different music styles.

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