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How the Anti-Government Protests Affects Businesses Across the Country

Anti-government protests affects the transport sector

Today marks day two of the three-day anti-government protests as declared by the Azimio la Umoja Coalition leader Raila Odinga.


The protests held to demonstrate against the high cost of living and the recently introduced tax hikes in the country cause severe damages to the already struggling economy. Some have taken advantage of the protests to loot and vandalize property causing great losses.

Last week, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) reported that Kenya looses Ksh3 billion per day through looting, destruction and damage of property whenever protests are held.

Quickmart supermarket vandalized in Mlolongo| Photo: Samson Wire/The Standard

Although businesses in Mombasa and Nyeri counties have resumed today, this is not the case in Kisumu County. Businesses have remained closed following yesterday’s protests which resulted in 13 gunshot injuries and two deaths.

A video broadcasted on Citizen Tv showed how businesses have been affected along the junction that leads to Kisumu CBD. The transport sector particularly has taken a hit with residents choosing to remain indoors.

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On a normal day, the junction is usually full of vendors selling fruits and fish but this is not the case today as the street remains empty.

Last week, the Daily Nation reported that during the Wednesday demonstrations, protesters looted Eastmart supermarket in Kitengela which left the store’s owner counting heavy losses.

Powestar supermarket, which is a few meters away from Eastmart supermarket suffered the same fate after protesters looted gas cylinders from the store.

Quickmart supermarket along in Mlolongo also reported great damages after protesters stones and looted from the store.

According to the Daily Nation, the Retail Trade Association of Kenya reported that the retail sector lost nearly Ksh1.2 billion.

‘’We reported a decline of sales to the tune of 30 percent in specialty retail. We estimate opportunity cost of the chaos was between Ksh920 million and Ksh1.2 billion in both modern and general trade,’’ said RETRAK Chief Executive Wambui Mbarire.

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The public transport sector also felt the impact of the protests after incurring a loss of about Ksh1 billion. Additionally, hoteliers have reported that tourists have cancelled their reservations leading to losses. Second hand clothes dealers have said that the protests could eventually lead to them loosing their source of income.


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