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Fahyvanny! Happily Ever After Or Not?

Fahyvanny is the admirable Instagram name of the famous duo Mr. and Mrs. Chui. Fahyma (Mrs. Chui) and Rayvanny (Mr. Chui).


Recent posts made by Fahyvanny, indicate that there may be either trouble or a ball in paradise. The Instagram page, which belongs to Fahyma, has been raising several eyebrows lately. Going through its posts, captions, and comments, one will be convinced beyond doubt that, Fahyma seems to be trying too hard.

Fahyma and Rayvanny have been the talk of town in Tanzania for almost two years now. The couple went through a very ugly hiatus that almost lasted a year when Rayvanny left Fahyma for Paula Kajala. During that period, Fahyma went through untold public disgrace and humiliation, especially from the love of her life, Mr. Chui.

Indeed, it came as a shock to many when the two got back together, immediately after Paula and Rayvanny broke up. Netizens were even more shocked, when “The Chuis” both posted on their Instagram pages that, they were never separated. Nonetheless, Fahyma’s recent actions on Instagram have people second-guessing the strength of their reunion.

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However, the media never forgets. Netizens will never forget how Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, a.k.a Rayvanny, once blasted Fahyma for calling him her husband. The post, which was captioned, “Mumewangu” (my husband), was met with a very rude comment from Raymond. “DELETE MY F*CKING PICTURE” was Rayvanny’s reaction to the post.

A few months down the line, netizens could not believe their eyes when they saw Fahyma in Rayvanny’s music videos. Since then, followers of Fahyvanny haven’t known a moment of peace. Fahyma is on a spree of captioning most of her pictures with the words “Mrs. Chui” and the rest, she captions, “Barbie B!tch.” All these make one thing clear, Fahyma is not only obsessed with the man she’s living with, but also with the woman her man used to live with.

Paula Kajala, a.k.a Barbie also happens to be Fridah Kajala’s daughter. It is rumored that, Paula left Rayvanny for Marioo. An action that left Rayvanny broken and had him running back to the arms of his baby mama Fahyma Abdul. Mrs. Chui, either out of pride, contempt, or competition seems to be attacking her lover’s ex-lover, Paula. Although, despite the obvious shade and violence being thrown her way, Paula has chosen not to take part in this silent online struggle.

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Fans of Fahyvanny are amazed though. Are things really okay? Is Fahyma trying to prove to us that she is living happily ever after with her alleged husband? Or, is she trying to live up to and emulate the woman her “husband” allegedly loves? Numerous sources have it that Rayvanny is not over Paula. In fact, news from Wasafi Radio confirmed that Rayvanny cannot even greet Marioo. A strange occurrence, as men are not known to hold such petty grudges, especially over women they haven’t “wifed.”

Left: Rayvanny, Fahyma, and their son Jaydan Vanny. Right: Paula Kajala

Moreover, Juma Lokole, a radio host at Wasafi Radio, took a very deadly oath, over the future of this relationship. Lokole swore, live on air, that the day Rayvanny marries Fahyma, is the day he will resign from his well-paying job. Despite having a son together, who is six years of age, Raymond does not seem to be in a hurry to wife Fahyma.

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Anyway, one thing is evident. The show is just getting started. Fans, friends and haters of Fahyvanny, better arm yourselves with a bowl of popcorn, because this is also Mrs. Chui’s birthday month!


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