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Wars Of The Top Kenyan Cafés

Cafés in the world are primarily important part of any urban centre, people need their coffee, a place to meet a colleague, a place to work at that is not an office or home and even a place to quickly meet up with some friends. In Kenya, especially the towns, cafes are in plenty, infact it is said if your town does not have one of the major cafes, then it is not considered important enough.


The café you prefer and choose to go to says a lot about who you are because each café has its own aesthetic and target customers. This goes from how they serve, to their prices, menu and locations.

Art Caffé.

This is the most boujie of all cafes in Kenya. Their ambience that is seen across all its branches is aimed in creating a luxurious yet affordable feel. Most people assume they cannot afford Art Café due to this while it also attracts a population of the upper middle class and upper class. Adding the ambience.


One of the branches like WestMinister located next To Sarova Stanley, is known to have a Jazz band playing live in some nights and is known to have a beautiful and serene ambience.

The food on their menu is not the usual lemon cake or fries but they have a variety of different pastries like salty caramel cake and food options like their pastas, on their menu that work best if you are trying to impress a big client.


Well, rumor has it that they might be going through financial struggles and might need to close some branches but the Java management is yet to confirm this. The joke is that anywhere a free space big enough to be café opens up, Java will take it.

Java house

Java is famous amongst the older folks and is always crowded at lunch and after work hours with people meeting to discuss issues quickly. Not a café you would want if you are into silence and tranquility especially at those hours.

Their menu is quite affordable and has different offers almost every month that can work with your budget. Their service is quick and fast and are basically almost the Starbucks of Kenya due to the fact they are everywhere and have a variety of coffee.

Mugg and Bean.

Most of its branches are a drive through. Even though they have a sitting area where you can have your bite, its rather small. They are located in almost every petrol station like Total.

Cafés Mugg and bean
mugg and bean Ngong Road

They do have a bigger space in their Village Market branch in an open roof area. This is basically your coffee pick up spot on your way to work as you fuel your car.

Next time you are thinking of getting coffee, you are now more knowledgeable but incase none of this your preference read also: Nairobi Food Bloggers You Should Know to help you pick a spot you would like.

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