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Two of the Most Young, Boujie and Reliable Food Bloggers in Nairobi

Our socials are full of wanna be influencers sharing on food and restaurants. If you are not wise with who you follow to get your foodie and hidden gems information then you will probably have a bad experience.  


Out of the many up and coming food bloggers in Nairobi, Waweru Tedd and Nairobi Disclosure are by far the youngest, boujie and most reliable food content creators.

Nairobi Disclosure.

The 25-year-old food blogger and content creator, Vishal, is behind the Nairobi Disclosure and Nairobi Cascade social media pages.  His aesthetic is visiting restaurants and staycation spots that are luxurious yet affordable. Most of the spots he recommends are amazing for Gen Z, most specifically those between 20 to 28 years, who are down to stay up for long hours making memories and new friends while eating good food and drinking cocktails during happy hour.

Vishal is seen in most of his videos with other Kenyan food bloggers trying out new spots in town. If you follow him, you’d notice he has some regular joints that he frequently visits like Brew Bistro tap room that has a dope Sunday brunch offer, K1 Klubhouse that has movie nights on Monday, the Copper Ivy that has strong cocktails and Bila Shaka that has great craft beer.

Waweru Tedd.

Also known as Chef Vavelo, shares simple and quick recipes in the comfort of his kitchen. The meals he cooks look so savory and the ingredients are easy to get from local stores. His style is almost similar to that of the iconic Roaming Chef but what makes his different is the whole approach to how he does his videos.

He sometimes brings a family member or relative to help cook a meal or snack and they both eat it to give us a feel of whether it is worth a try or not.

Food blogger Waweru

Some quick snack videos I would recommend you watch from his page is how he makes samosas and how he makes viazi karai. For a quick meal, watch hos video on how he makes egg curry with rice.

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If you are looking for a solo date spot, date night spot, friends hangout spot or want to have friend over for some cooked meal, this two are your best guides with a guarantee of great pleasure.

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