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Affordable Hidden Gems for Date Night in Nairobi

Date nights are supposed to be fun and spontaneous and the ambience you meet with your date is key to easing up the mood. Nairobi has some affordable yet perfect hidden gems for two people getting to know each other to have dates at. These are some of the hidden gems that have breathtaking ambience and are affordable.


Bila Shaka

Located at Sarit Centre’s outer food court.

It is a rooftop location with both raised seats and low seats with their furniture having a chess and school theme.

Bila Shaka is a local brewery and that is its restaurant, so you get to enjoy all their various craft beer at an affordable price in comparison to if you would order it at a different spot.

For a date, you could budget Ksh 2,500 for two craft beers at Ksh 400, Chilli paneer at Ksh 800 and the Tandori stuffed pizza that goes for Ksh 750.


5th Avenue

The new hidden gem is located in such a bougie side of Nairobi, 238 Gigiri Drive.

It also has a staycation spot called Gigiri Lion Villas that has such a surreal out-of-this-world ambience. The restaurant has a pool right beside it and a mix of modern and African themes. My personal favourite is getting a warm African blanket when it gets cold upon request. You also can choose a song you’d like to play in the background.

10 Best hidden gems.

The food there is affordable with hot beverages ranging from Ksh 300 and above and food ranging from Ksh 1,500 and above. They do not do alcoholic drinks so both you and your date can be sober the whole time and not blame any incident to the alcohol. Their menu is available on their website if you want to peruse through before heading over.


The Copper Ivy

This is an Instagram-hyped spot located in General Mathenge.

Every Thursday they have Jazz Night which is free entry. Nothing like good music to set the ambience for a date night with the person you are getting to know better. The lighting is moody and the food presentation is over the top, giving off a fancy vibe.

The food is affordable. If you would go for happy hour between 4.30 p.m – 9.30 p.m on Thursdays, you would get two cocktails for Ksh 1,050. If your budget is tight, here are a few things I would suggest you order; Fish bhajia at Ksh 1,050, crispy orange beef at Ksh 1,050 or Thai Satay Paneer at Ksh 895 and for dessert definitely go for the sizzling brownie that goes for Ksh 750.


Date nights are important to both parties especially to help choose whether they want to take it seriously or not.

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